The KD Lithium is based on a high end, performance slalom ski. A hybrid design, the Lithium has some width added throughout the ski to provide awesome performance for progressing skiers and heavier riders. At its heart is a full edge to edge concave which allows for fast edge changes and superior edge hold out of the turn. Carbon Graphite blend composition keeps the ski riding fast out of the turn and outward through the edge change phase. The extra width keeps the ski on top of the water through the turn, making it perfect for learning the slalom course or progressing at slower speeds. It also takes away the strain and sinking that larger riders are familiar with on narrower performance skis. Any size, any speed, the Lithium is a fast, smooth turning go-to ski.

KD Lithium

    • Hybrid design – ½” extra width through the outer profile
    • Three Stage Flex Line
    • PU Core
    • Carbon Composite Lay Up
    • Silk Screen Top Sheet
    • Fabric Korad Base
    • Viper Fin System
    • Comp Tail
    • Edge to Edge Concave Base


     Available Sizes 67″ / 69″