The KD C4 is the essence of smooth performance. Built up from a high performance platform, the full edge to edge concave allows for fast transitions and strong angle maintenance between turns. The narrow, rounded tail helps the ski finish the turn tightly. A blend of carbon and fiberglass gives a consistent ride either through the course or down the lake or river. Three stage flex pattern allows for stiffness under the bindings for acceleration, while providing a softer tip and tail to keep reliability through the turns. If you are looking for a smooth, consistent performance ski, look no further than the C4

KD Carbon C4

    • Three Stage Flex Line
    • PU Core
    • Carbon Composite Lay Up
    • Silk Screen Top Sheet
    • Fabric Korad Base
    • Viper Fin System
    • Comp Tail
    • Edge to Edge Concave Base


     Available Sizes 66″ / 67″ / 70″